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Whether you are already part of our AVID family or looking to learn a little more about the AVID program at Calapooia Middle School, we are excited to share our mission, vision, and practice of helping to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success after high school. AVID stands for Achievement via Individual Determination. Our AVID program seeks to do just that: help students achieve their dreams through their own hard work and determination.

While the majority of this site is dedicated to the AVID elective program, AVID extends into ALL of Calapooia’s classrooms. School-wide students learn to use AVID strategies such as organized binders, daily planners, critical reading skills, Cornell note-taking, collaborative inquiry through Socratic seminar and Philosophical chairs, and a growth mindset that believes if you work hard, you can achieve.

Parents: Look for this symbol on each page for specific tips on how you can help your AVID student be successful this year!