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Read information about proposed projects at each school

Posted on: April 16, 2017

Enrollment in the District is projected to increase by about 500 students in the next five years. Ballot Measure 22-165 would fund new or renovated classrooms at all grade levels.

A new elementary school is proposed near Timber Ridge, and new classrooms and a major renovation is proposed for Oak Grove Elementary School.

For more information about the proposed Oak Grove project, see the architectural conceptual drawings.

For information about projects proposed for each school in the District, see the school project profiles.

Shop class teaches wood working skills…and math

Posted on: April 7, 2017

Calapooia Middle School has the only middle school shop class in the district. There are six sections each term, and they are enrolled at capacity with students in each grade with diverse academic interests.

Shop teacher Spence Meekins, a former math teacher, said that the skills he teaches in his class reinforce math skills the students are learning, and they give students a chance to apply what they learn in math.

If Ballot Measure 22-165 is approved by voters, funds will be used to add and expand vocational programs like shop class at all middle and high schools in the district.

Read about recommendations for new vocational technical programs. 

Latest Early Release Schedule

Posted on: April 3, 2017

March 17, 2017

Dear Calapooia Families,

As you are aware, the school district lost an instructional day to weather on March 6, 2017 and the School Board indicated their desire to make up the lost instruction time. You know that in our district, students have generally been released one hour earlier on Wednesdays so that teachers can meet and discuss student progress. In January, the School Board added 20 minutes of instructional time to those Wednesdays as part of a plan to recapture some of the lost classroom time due to weather.

Because we had to take another snow day on March 6, the School Board directed that an additional 20 minutes be added to each Wednesday. The cumulative result is that beginning April 5 and continuing for the remainder of this school year, students will dismiss on Wednesdays only 20 minutes earlier than they would on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.

After school activities providers such as CAP, the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA, and Albany Parks and Recreation have been advised of the schedule change but if you have other after school child care arrangements please notify those persons yourself.


Gina Ayers



17 de marzo del 2017

Estimadas Familias de Calapooia

Como ustedes saben, el distrito escolar perdió un día de instrucción el 6 de marzo del 2017 debido al mal clima y la Mesa Directiva indicó su deseo de recuperar ese tiempo de instrucción perdido. Ustedes saben que en nuestro distrito, los estudiantes generalmente han salido una hora temprano los días miércoles para que los maestros puedan reunirse y conversar sobre el progreso de los estudiantes. En enero, la Mesa Directiva agregó 20 minutos adicionales al tiempo de instrucción a esos días miércoles, como parte de un plan para recuperar parte del tiempo perdido en las clases debido al clima.

Debido a que tuvimos que cancelar otro día de clases el 6 de marzo a causa de la nieve, la Mesa Directiva ordenó que se agregaran 20 minutos adicionales a cada miércoles. El resultado acumulativo es que a partir del 5 de abril y en adelante por el resto de este año escolar, los estudiantes serán despedidos los miércoles solamente 20 minutos antes del horario regular de los lunes, martes, jueves o viernes.

Los proveedores de actividades después de la escuela, como CAP, el Boys and Girls Club (club de niños y niñas), YMCA y Albany Parks and Recreation (parques y recreación de Albany) han sido informados del cambio de horario, pero si usted tiene otros arreglos de cuidado de niños después de la escuela, por favor notifíqueles usted mismo.


Gina Ayers


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